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The Mitchell Farm

The Mitchell Farm is a 2500 acre farm in rural Tama County, Iowa. We typically grow corn and soybeans, implementing a strategy of leveraging technology and cutting edge practices to maximize efficiency while minimizing the effects on our environment. In addition to family, the farm has had a number of recent interns that have added value to our endeavor.

Wade Mitchell

Something about Dad…

Clay Mitchell

Clay Mitchell I am Clay Mitchell, a 40 year-old farmer in northeast Iowa. My decision to farm first raised eyebrows while earning my degree in Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University. After graduation, I purchased 200 acres of farmland outlined by a dusty stream and aging timber.

Over the years, my nostalgia for the inimitable sensory experiences of Iowa corn farming has been complemented by a desire to apply cutting edge agricultural practices and technology, with a respect for the quiet dependability of our farming heritage.

Farming Practices

The Mitchell Farm’s innovative combination of no-till, controlled-traffic farming, farmwide wireless LAN, centimeter-level automation of seed, fertilizer, and chemical application, root-zone banding of fertilizer, and strip-intercropping, represent a particular dedication to soil conservation and to a farming culture that favors farmers’ management skill and traditional family and community cooperation.

As such, The Mitchell Farm stands at a crossroads equally relevant to the ancient farms of Europe and Asia and the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Australia and South America. Farmers, scientists, journalists, and engineers come to our family farm, made remarkable by the ideas and aspirations they bring with them; forging a place where technology and will, opportunity and ability, converge…and anything is possible.


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Contact Us

To contact The Mitchell Farm regarding business opportunities, internships, or directions to visit the farm, please email:

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